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Fiddler on the Roof Reviews

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Average customer review: 3.5 star rating (3.6 Stars)

Number of reviews: 37



5.0 star rating Melanie Massey from Chicago, Illinois


The Fiddler on the Roof was an excellent show. The acting and singing and dancing were superb. The cast performed flawlessly, delivering a perfect performance that my group enjoyed tremendously. Bravo to all that came together to bring such a great show to Chicago! Go see it before it’s gone!

5.0 star rating from Chicago, Illinois


The performance was excellent. A powerful telling of a story that is all too true for Eastern European Jews. *Spolier* I was unsure about the point of the fiddler until the second half when I realized that he was god. A powerful moment that made the piece even stronger for me.

5.0 star rating from Chicago, Illinois


I know all the music and every word of dialogue becaue I have seen the Fiddler and loved it for so many years. This production was great and I highly recommend it. We had great seats stage right. The music was terrific. The Papa is my favorite.

5.0 star rating Julia from Chicago, Illinois


What a beautiful show! Tevye is fantastic, it's straight from his heart. Loved the sisters, but especially Tzeitel, her expressions are priceless and she and Motel add some common relief since Yente is very toned down. . Great dancing. How do those bottles stay on their heads? All in all an excellent production, would definitely recommend it!

5.0 star rating Maureen Greci from Chicago, Illinois


Saw this with my husband and granddaughter. Beyond great! Saw it years meaningful today as it was then. Actors are great! Dancers magnificent. Had great seats. Center Row D Ate right next door at 312...very good as well. Good for any child 12 yrs and older. Especially young girls!

5.0 star rating Trish from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Hard to please theater-goer here, but boy did they. Applause. Applause. Thoroughly enjoyed. Great acting, singling, and dancing. Bravo!

5.0 star rating Helene brownstead from Syracuse, New York


this was the best musical ever the cast did a great job.i saw it wed. night and absolutely loved it.

5.0 star rating Amelia D from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Saw fidler on the roof about 5 years ago at the Walnut Street Theater. Love love LOVED it. Wanted to see it again the following night badley but had no one to go with, made me so sad. Can't wait to see it again.Excellent show. Second level better than floor seats.

5.0 star rating Artanis from Naples, Florida


This was probably the 15th time I've seen Fiddler, including 2x with Zero Mostel. This was without a doubt one of the best performances I've seen. The Israeli actor that played Tevye was outstanding. He didn't try to copy any of the actors that came before him, but rather he gave the character his own touch, and it was great. The entire cast was top notch . We are season ticket holders so we had the same seats we've had for the last 7 seasons and they were, as always, great. No matter how many times you've seen this show before, this is definitely worth the time to see again.

5.0 star rating Upstairs fan from Tucson, Arizona


I thoroughly enjoyed the Saturday matinee and thought Fiddler On The Roof is the BEST show I've seen all season, bar none. The choreography and scenery were outstanding, and the cast was simply brilliant in their performance of this beautiful story. I was dismayed that the audience laughed at one point when the Rabbi was praying, which is most likely due to them not understanding the action. The music and singing was rousing, beautiful, and sometimes haunting, and I loved it all. Don't miss this!

5.0 star rating Mary O. from San Diego, California


Without giving away important moments of connection here and now, this beautiful, historical, intimate story speaks to our current precarious times and to borrow the Hamilton message and maybe the Beatles - love is love is love is love is love comes through loud and clear. Tradition? It's much more than that, we are family on this planet earth and respect for each other, tolerance and love is all we need.

5.0 star rating Phyllis from Indianapolis, Indiana


The acting was wonderful, the sets minimal but effective, music outstanding. How did the men keep those bottles on their heads and dance, too????? Such a powerful performance of a basically sad story, but with added humor. Main character was fantastic. So glad my daughter asked me to go. The only thing was I wished the Fiddler had actually been on a roof., not just off to the side of the stage or walking across the stage. But I still give the performance 5 stars. Highly recommend going to see it.

5.0 star rating Cheryl Ivascu from Akron, Ohio


I went to the October 16, 2019 showing. I was taken back by the incredible talent displayed in every sceen. It was so enjoyable, I'm still talking about it. Thank you for giving me such an enjoyable evening.

5.0 star rating Debi from Boston, Massachusetts


Tevye was a great breath of fresh air, absolutely loved Yehezkel Lazarov's rendition. His performance was top notch, his dancing and singing so natural and full of great energy. Did not like Yenta however, she was very 'flat' for use of a better word. . This is my 3rd time seeing Fiddler.

4.0 star rating Mike G. from Rochester, New York


The cast was terrific but the actor that played Yenta was not a good fit. The first act was phenomenal from start to finish! The second act was a letdown. In total the show is well worth attending.

4.0 star rating Dan Williams from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


I’m a long time Fiddler fan ... even played Lazar Wolf in high school. I loved how this production cast younger leads than other productions. That was more in keeping with the source material and made better sense considering the ages of the daughters. I was looking forward to the idea of having Tevye’s descendant opening and closing the show, but it just didn’t work. Casting was uneven. Secondary leads like the Constable, Rabbi, Lazar and Yente were Ok, but not memorable. Yente, the broadest, funniest, most beloved character was flat and blended into the background. Traditional huge laughs were hurried through and missed the mark. She even flubbed a line in the Gossip bit that the Tzeitel character had to help recover. In general, I found that many songs and key speeches were paced a little too fast, missing big laughs. On the positive side, I loved the big numbers like Sunrise, Sunset, the Dream Sequence and Chavala. The entire “To Life” scene was phenomenal

4.0 star rating Deborah Larsen from St. Louis, Missouri


Overall I loved the production. I saw it at the Fox Theater in St Louis last night. The opening number was magnificent as was the dream sequence. The singing of the main characters was very good particularly the performer who played Hodel. I did, however, wish they had mixed more volume and bass in the male leads. I was disappointed in the bar scene as I did not feel that the costumes or choreography made it very clear that there were the distinctly two factions of townspeople participating. I also felt like they should have done a bit of padding in the Golde costume and made her look a bit older. Set design was good albeit a bit distracting with so many chorus characters constantly moving trees, etc while other dialogue is going on. Orchestration was wonderful as always with the Fox orchestra.

4.0 star rating Elizabeth Henderson from Los Angeles, California


A most enthusiastic cast, with superb dancers. The new choreography and staging is far better than the original. The Israeli actor playing Tevye is astonishing good as an actor and singer - and I’ve seen Zero Mostel and others play this role. Alas, Golde, his wife, lacks soul, never captures that Jewish mother/wife essence under the hardness. Yenta is terrible; shocking she was cast. The oldest daughter is excellent; the youngest can act but lacks the voice. The rabbi and other men also lack voice power and/or acting chops. Still, go see it, for Tevye and the dancing! You will cry and fall in love with the show again, anyway.

4.0 star rating Ira from Las Vegas, Nevada


From the start, I thought Tevye who ended up being quite good, was talking to quickly, missing important places for emphasis on several important places... did not use space as a dramatic opportunity. A slower more poignant presentation of lines for Tevya and Golda could have been useful. I have seen Fiddler at least 4-5 times. Love the play and have tears each time. GREAT Dancing.

4.0 star rating Mary Wan from Portland, Oregon


I saw the show on Tuesday night. It was excellent. The dancing and singing were very good. However, the lead actor was a poor speaker. He ran through his lines rapidly and without expression or punctuation. Many times I did not catch what he was saying. That's a big flaw in the otherwise superb performance. And it made both the beginning and ending much less effective.

3.0 star rating Anita Clark from Hartford, Connecticut


Loved the 1st half of the show. Was very bored after intermission and disappointed to not see a better moment of the "fiddler". Felt like I didn't get my money's worth. We ( a friend & myself) left the show, which I had seen twice awhile back, feeling "That's it??"

3.0 star rating Carol Greenberg from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


First act was brilliant. Dancing was so amazing!! Second act was slow and boring.

3.0 star rating Laura from Cincinnati, Ohio


I have been to many plays and I have never felt the need to provide a review, but I must say that Yente was horrible in this play. She actually ruined the play for me. Her timing was consistently off (at times it seemed like someone had to remind her that it was her time to speak), and it seemed like she was reading her lines. She is a key character and her awful acting really took you out of the play. I actually have never been to a play where I thought an actor was so bad. The other characters were good. I thought the ending could have been much stronger. Some of the harmonies were fantastic and the dancing was excellent. Please replace this actress with someone who can act or at least relate to the character. Until then, I actually cannot recommend that you attend this play. Her performance is that off-putting.

3.0 star rating Andy from Los Angeles, California


Fiddler will always be a great show, but what I saw last night I was disappointed. I found the acting, singing and dancing mediocre at best. It was as if I was watching a community theater performance. Fun, yes, but professional. No way.

3.0 star rating Rich and Karla from Denver, Colorado


Talk about the tale of two cities. The opening act was fabulous. Five stars. The second act? Good grief, we were both bored to death and could find no redeeming qualities at all. We SO wished I had left after the first act. That bad. For those going to the Buell in mid June, give serious consideration to leaving at intermission and save yourself 35-40 minutes of boredom. You'll beat the crowds leaving at the end of the play, the traffic, et al.

3.0 star rating Mary from Minneapolis, Minnesota


This play was the worst play I've seen in years. fiddler on the roof is a classic and one of our all-time favorites. We were underwhelmed by Tevye's performance. He lacked timing and emotion. We felt as though he rushed through the performance and there was no feelings in the songs that he sang. he got slightly better and at least tolerable in the second act. The rest of the cast held their own especially the female roles. We were going to buy my mother tickets in another state for Christmas and decided not to take the risk. Staging was great and the whole show could have then great had it not been for tevye's performance. It was closing night so maybe he just wanted to get out of there. Minneapolis Minnesota

3.0 star rating Kristy from Dallas, Texas


Really was looking forward to this show and was underwhelmed by the fast pace and the horrible Yenta. I really wanted her to be fabulous - but she was not in character at all. Her role is comedic and it was so flat and awful that it really brought down the quality of the entire show. I hate writing this! I loved the dancing and love the tailor Motel Camzoil was brilliant! Tevya was good but sometime I felt as if he were acting for TV not the theatre. He warmed up into his character in the 2nd act but went sharp on a few key notes.

3.0 star rating Debra Jeffs-Grad from Seattle, Washington


Others have said toned down production. That is an understatement. All costumes in light autumn colors. All= sisters, mother,Yenta, Russians, sets. Hard to tell characters apart. Dancing very good, but also very repetitive. Do not understand all the floppy arms. Singers pitchy. Still high energy and fun.

3.0 star rating Lynn from Salt Lake City, Utah


I've seen Fiddler on the Roof several times produced on various levels from high schools productions on up. This was my least favorite of them all. Maybe because I just expected something more. The dream scene was far too sterile and bland with singing that was too pretty. The voices in the various duets very rarely sounded like they fit together. Some of the male voices appeared to be outside of their range and low notes were barely audible. The blending of chorus voices was non existent with some singers staring notes before others, and others holding notes longer than others and everyone trying to out-sing each other. It really just seemed like they fine tuned everything before the tour started and haven't really worked on it again since. The orchestra and dancing were great!

3.0 star rating Camilla from Lexington, Kentucky


I saw Fiddler on the Roof in Lexington 8 yrs ago with my daughter and LOVED IT! I was so excited about sharing this experience again with my husband last night and was sorely disappointed. The props were sparse and the acting was no better than a High School Drama production. The accents were OFF! I give 3 stars for this unprofessional production.

2.0 star rating Dave The Curmudgeon Mausner from Chicago, Illinois


Note: I attended the 1964 first run in NYC. This is a comparative reflection. The cast of that run can be reviewed on Wikipedia. The production at Chicago's Cadillac Theater is technologically excellent. The costumes and set designs are simple, ingenious, and true to the original designer's intent: Anatevka was a bland and muddy outpost. The dance numbers are vigorous. The blocking, acting, and singing, while competent by modern standards, are restrained by an overall direction of sadness, isolation, and helplessness. The original played as a robust comedy, and one reason may be that the 1964 cast stars had actual Vaudeville experience. This production issues a disconcerting pessimism: lovers sing while standing at opposite sides of the stage like a 7-10 bowling split; Tevye and Golde's duet fails to read as a call and response; the Rabbi is played straight and not as an obvious comedy figure. Even the fiddler is missing his roof. You have no idea what you're missing.

2.0 star rating Ann F. from Chicago, Illinois


The opening "Tradition" was very strong and I was so excited for an amazing show bc I love this play!! Only to be let down by weak singing by all the male leads. Maybe it was their sound system bc all were hard to hear and sounded strained. The women were strong and Sasha was great! Yente's timing was consistently off. I am not sure why it was necessary to cast 2 obvious omen as men in the chorus. You can definitely tell they are women and it's distracting. I hate to say this, but I have seen amateur community theater productions that were better. I bought 6 tickets as xmas gifts for my family... and I wish I would have chosen Avenue Q instead.

2.0 star rating Julie W from Costa Mesa, California


I organized a group of friends and family to see this personal sentimental favorite. To those who have no comparisons to draw upon, I can understand their delight. My impressions, however, are sadly underwhelmed. Who even cast these performers? The texture, comedic timing, power, range and timbre of the vocals was chronically distracting. Yente practically read her lines. Tevye was too young for the role. Good marks for the staging and special effects and loved the bottle dance. I value this story as my grandparents were exiled from a village much like Anetevka, I can assure you that there was definitely room to portray the emotional impact of that eviction and violence much, much better. I am glad this story is still being told and now being introduced to a new audience, but the potency leaves much to be desired.

2.0 star rating M. Weber from Costa Mesa, California


With a bang-up opening act, I expected much more from what turned out to be, dare I say, an insipid play. The orchestra played well, but the singing was not the best, especially the middle daughter. I enjoyed Teyve's character, but I had to guess at some of his lines, his vocal projection was not there. Yenta was so disappointing! Sounded like she was reading her lines and couldn't decide on which accent to use. Her timing was nonexistent. I found the lighting very muddy, the humor missing or muted, and the singing so-so. Just seemed like lots of missed opportunities to put on a good show.

1.0 star rating Mary DiCola from Chicago, Illinois


I've never been disappointed previously at a Chicago theater performance. However, Fiddler on the Roof changed a run of excellent theater experiences last night! I was expecting someone to come out of the curtains at the end and announce that we had been duped! Rather than professional actors, we were actually subjected to a High School performance, and the theater would be refunding our ticket money! Every time Golde and Yente performed, I winced in embarrassment! The play was ridden with over-acting, simply, bad acting, and horrible accents, (Was this a bad imitation of an East Coast, diner waitress?) Most of the characters sounded as if they were reading directly "Yelling" the script! Save your money! Go see a good High School performance!

1.0 star rating Eric Kubiak from Tempe, Arizona


I’d like to start off with, Fiddler is an iconic piece of theater. The score is so great it stands up with haunting melodies years later. I was very excited that it would tour after the revival on broadway, just like Hello Dolly. While the later was an amazing tour that one has not witnessed in years, Fiddler was a total let down. This production was so cut back, that bare bones does not do it justice. The set so minimal that there was no way to portray the Fiddler on the Roof. The cast was miserable. There was no connection between the actors in a show that is portraying love against all odds. It’s descent into sub par performances began with Teyve. An actor of Israeli descent, I found lack of effort to become a character from a time long ago very disappointing. It’s rare that I cannot say one item that gave the show redeeming quality, but alas no. For once, I wished I was at home and not wasted my evening with a production that did not embrace an ounce of “Tradition” to make it acceptable.

1.0 star rating Catherine Hayden from Boston, Massachusetts


What I witnessed tonight was a catastrophe of a modern classic. The entire production felt lifeless, forced, and overall just poorly coordinated. Was underwhelmed by not only the singing, choreography, but also the lackluster feeling of emotion that seemed to be portrayed from the drab sets. Traveled to the city with my mother for a well needed girls night, thought this rendition of the play we terrible, we had a wonderful time laughing at who signed off on such a production of such a well loved piece of theater. Upon leaving, while in an elevator in the parking garage, an unknown woman by herself asked us if we had just seen “fiddler”. To which we responded yes. Her reply, “well, that was long.” Nothing more to be said in my eyes.


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