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5.0 star rating Josie from Jacksonville, Florida


In all the concerts I have been to I over 45 years; being a music major in school, this was the best ever concert hearing this beautifully gifted artist with fine musicians and backup singers. It brought me to tears. Lauren Daigle is real.

5.0 star rating Ron from St. Louis, Missouri


Best concert I’ve ever attended. And I’ve attended A LOT of concerts. I’ll save the technicalities for others to elaborate on. I’ll simply say… she connects with her audience. Her message comes across. Wholesome. Authentic. Jesus centered. She’s incredibly gifted and motivated. She’s fun and yet sincere. She’s intense yet makes everything feel unscripted. She is the real deal.

5.0 star rating Ted Henderson from Lincoln, Nebraska


Lauren Daigle, and her talented band, as well as her opening band "The War Treaty" gave an awesome performance on Friday night. Lauren has an unbelievable voice and performs her songs with Amazing Grace. It is no wonder her music is crossing over to the mainstream. She has such a great stage presence and desire to entertain her audience 100%.

5.0 star rating Zachary Doege from Fort Wayne, Indians


I absolutely loved this concert this was my first one. It was just outstanding. The world needs more people like her the way she spreads the words of god is awesome she is a Jesus centered person has an amazing backstage singers. I absolutely love her and listen to her music everyday in my car. I hope to see her soon in concert r again

5.0 star rating Marcia from Chicago, IL


We all loved this concert so much! Lauren Daigle is fun, energetic, and has a wonderful voice!! Concert scheduled for 7:00, opening act didn't come on until 7:30, then Lauren probably at 8:30 or later. I think that's fairly common for concerts, unfortunately.

5.0 star rating Jodi Tuskowski from Minneapolis, Minnesota


Lauren Daigle has the most AMAZING voice, that mesmerized me the entire concert! And what a beautiful soul she is.💗She acted so gracious that we were there for her, and her show (just her part) went 2.5 hours!!!

5.0 star rating Christina L from Columbus, Ohio


Lauren Daigle has a beaitiful voice and is absolutely beautiful and gifted. The music itself overpowered her voice alot. If i didnt know the words to song couldnt make out the words she sang because the piano and drums were louder than her voice. Came to hear her. They needed to turn down music a bit and turn up her mic. Lauren is amazing. Her songs connect me to god and have lifted me out of very dark places. Traveled 4 hours to see her. Was great but not best. Please come to Pittsburgh pa.

5.0 star rating Christy from Seattle, Washington


I have been waiting along time to see her and she is a beautiful, extremely talented and is so real! The intermission was a little long but for a very good cause, her heart is in the right place. I enjoyed her energy and would definitely see her again! Thanks Lauren for a wonderful night! 🩷

5.0 star rating Melissa Quigley from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


She put on a wonderful show she was lively, energetic, engaging. She represented Christ Jesus, and her voice is absolutely beautiful. She brought my mother to tears, and she raised her hand to praise the Lord! Thank you Lauren, and her team keep up serving the Lord, and doing what you all do so amazing! Love it and love her

5.0 star rating Larry Lowes from Brooks Alberta


Third time we have seen Lauren. Best ever concert! Backup band and singers, staging -it was all wonderful. Some touching moments with audience - shed a few tears. Lovely and sincere soul!

4.0 star rating Mike Dye from Evansville, Indiana


Incredibly gifted vocalist very diverse set list from full band including trumpet trombone saxophone & percussion to just Lauren and very good piano player But the I thought sound mix was very bass heavy ( could have been the seats we were in ). Did anyone else think the bass and kick drum were over powering ?

4.0 star rating A Fan from Lexington, Kentucky


The entertainment was outstanding but the timing was hard. Concert started at 7:30 and she came on at 9:10. Lots of waiting and lots of talking. Concert was over at 11:10. Just start at 7:30 and end at 9. This was a week night not a weekend. She is an amazing performer, bad, set, wristbands etc all well done, but there was a lot of wasted time.

4.0 star rating Jeff Smith from Spokane, Washington


We saw Lauren in Spokane, Washington. My wife and I LOVE her voice, but the event was a disappointment for two reasons: we didn't like the opening act (Josh Garrels) and after his set there was a 30 minute 'infomercial' led by a cheerleader type guy about supporting a child in Guatemala for $40 a month. That just seemed out of place. The other thing was that the music was so loud we couldn't understand a word that was being sung. Some of the songs we already knew so could sing along, otherwise it was just noise. She is a very good performer and very energetic on stage, we liked that part, but the concert as a whole could have been better.

4.0 star rating JW from Hershey, PA


I never heard of her or her music until my wife made me go to her concert. Although a Christian, I don't listen to Christian music. Start time was 7 with a warm up act that I skipped. Lauren came on around 8:15 and went 2 hours. She goes straight through with a little story telling here and there. Probably around 18 songs. Great, sincere energy and passion..and very pretty. Yes, there's a little heavy Bass from the speakers thumping your chest every now and then, but for the most part, the audio was well balanced and adjusted. They've obviously made improvements after seeing some of the earlier reviews. She has a great voice. And her stage is extended all the way out to the middle of the arena. We were upper deck on the side and could see and hear great. Their video of her while she performed helped. My wife loved it. And I was content.

4.0 star rating Dan Boatright from Lubbock, Texas


OK, I'm spoiled. I have been listening to Lauren Daigle for 12 years when I stumbled accross her amazing voice and sincerity towards Christ. We were able to see her for the first time in Austin, Texas when she started touring on the 'smaller' stage at a huge venue and show with multiple Christian artist and she was FANTASTIC. We just saw her in Lubbock, Texas for the Kaliedescope Tour and the show was great except she did not sing "How Can It Be". I missed it tremendously because it touches my heart every time I hear it and was looking forward to hearing her sing it live. Lauren Daigle is a blessing to us all. Peace

3.0 star rating Cathy Sherman Bittrick from Grand Rapids, Michigan


What has always inspired me about Lauren Daegle's music is her ability to touch your heart with her wonderful words. Last night you could barely understand a word she sang. The bass was so loud our chairs were vibrating. I don't know why a sound technician didn't go into the audience and adjust it. Only the familiar songs brought people on their feet because they already knew what she was singing. Such an injustice to have happen to this artist. Also the info-mercial regarding Child Fun was an important message but didn't need to be the focal point of a very expensive ticket purchased for entertainment.

3.0 star rating Peka Vaxel from Grand Rapids, MI


As I've read from other reviews the concert we went to in grand rapids started late also. It is a pet peeve of mine when artists leave their huge audiences hanging and come on stage with no explanation of almost an hour delay. It was much different than we were anticipating. It was So loud and it all distracted from her beautiful voice. We didn't really appreciate the double push for the helping children organization. We fully support helping these extremely needy kids, we actually support about 30 kids in Africa on our own already

3.0 star rating Sue from Indianapolis


Lauren is an amazing singer. Unfortunately there was so much intermission time after the opening singer. Way to long and now need for it.

3.0 star rating William from Memphis, Tennessee


Her New Orleans Jazz infused intro, along with her new music, was off course. I felt she is striving to be a pop star. I miss the old Lauren. We struggled hearing the lyrics. This is the third Lauren D concert we attended over the years and it was the worse one. Memphis was the first stop of her tour. Hopefully she works out the kinks.

3.0 star rating Angela McV from Columbus, Ohio


I saw Lauren over 10 years ago & her music moved me to tears. That was not the case on her Kaleidoscope tour in Columbus, Ohio. It was like she decided to perform a pop show speeding up the tempo of some of her best songs, very loud brass section often drowning out her voice. The push for Child Fund was made not to once but twice throughout the evening felling like they were laying a guilt trip on you if you don’t participate. I love her music but was disappointed with this concert. There was no connection & no sense of worship.

3.0 star rating Heather P from Sacramento, Ca


I saw Lauren last night in Sacramento. I have followed her for many years to due to her beautiful voice. Unfortunately, the sound mix was not complementary; the bass and drums were way too loud and often you could not understand what she was singing. She performed a different type of music than what I was expecting for the most part, much more upbeat, pop sound, so perhaps she is trying to cross over to something different. On the few songs that she sang that I recognized, there weren’t many that you could really hear the beauty of her voice due to the mix. I am not sure what the sound engineers were thinking…

3.0 star rating Cary Baldwin from Raleigh, North Carolina


I miss the old Lauren. She is trying to be I guess a pop star with all the brass but it just didn’t work. The music was so ridiculously loud it phyacially hurt. I left early.

3.0 star rating Mary from Norfolk, Virginia


My friends and I were so excited to go to this show!! I saw Lauren when she was in Norfolk, VA previously and had told everyone how AMAZING that show was. The Kaleidoscope Tour was such a disappointment. Lauren is an amazing artist but this show was totally not her best. I love her, pray for her and wish the best for her but we left the show early for many reasons. I agree with many of the reviewers, that it just takes too long for her to go on stage. I do believe she does good work in getting children sponsored but don't believe it should go on for so long! The show was so melancholy and not upbeat like a praise show should be. Too many new songs and not enough of her best songs. Had her back to the audience for a few songs. Just so sad it wasn't what we expected and what I know she is capable of. Maybe she is just getting tired.

3.0 star rating Megan from Houston, TX


Lauren’s performance was upbeat and energetic, sweet and sincere, and her faith inspiring. Her voice is amazing when we could hear it. The bass was so loud, distorted, and distracting, we couldn’t hear any vocals at times. I loved the brass and the backup singers, and the band. But the sound mixing was terrible terrible terrible. I wish and hope Lauren and her team will be made aware that they have a sound problem that is probably easily fixable. I brought my teen and instead of making a fan out of her, the concert ended up being disappointing because of bad sound engineering.

3.0 star rating Mindi Rosenquist from Houston, Texas


Big screens with words are a must at a concert. Surprised this venue did not have. Could not hear Lauren’s beautiful voice. I kept thinking , why is there not an employee walking around each section to hear note issues. She honestly was completely drowned out by the music. I kept thinking since her family was there, maybe one of them would run go tell someone. Bought these tickets for my birthday and brought my mom and sister. We honestly felt bad for Lauren.

3.0 star rating Jules Constantine from Albany, New York


I hope Miss Lauren gets to read this so she can bring us her best. I missed hearing her gorgeous voice and passionate soul as the drums, bass, etc overwhelmed her voice. I couldn't hear many of the words. But I knew many of the words by heart as I follow her music so I sung my heart out with her!! Her performance was energizing and her authentic spirit permeated the night. What a talented lady.

2.0 star rating Stephanie from Denver, Colorado


Lauren Daigle has a beautiful voice. She wore a very odd outfit which distracted from her performance and made it seem like a joke. I don’t follow her closely, so that may be part of her stage persona. I agree with other reviews that the bass was uncomfortably loud. The show was in support of Child Fund, which made a compelling presentation in support of their mission. That was truly the highlight of the evening. I was really impressed!

2.0 star rating A. White from Nashville, Tennessee


I love Lauren Daigle and her "usual" music. This was not it. Instead, her (very short) performance was all holiday songs in support of her new album all accompanied by a New O. jazz group. Ouch. And she started over one hour LATE. Not acceptable. Not professional. Especially in Music City. Short show, just a little over one hour. By mid-show, people were leaving, kinda scratching their heads.

2.0 star rating Randy Hall from Nashville, Tennessee


I was just underwhelmed. From starting an hour late to just never hitting a high ' can't believe I'm here' moment, I simply said never again. The Christment theme show just never allowed her to show her talents.

2.0 star rating Tom reidy from Chicago, Illinois


After waiting thru 2 shows canceled by COVID-19, I finally got to see her at the NOW Arena. This is a bad place for a music show, this is a sports venue. The sound quality was awful. Lauren has a beautiful and unique voice that was drowned out by over amplified bass and background music. I couldn’t understand the lyrics, it would have been nice to have the words projected on a screen. Also the show was supposed to start at 7pm Lauren didn’t start till 8:40! There was a very forgettable opening act, also over amplified.

2.0 star rating Robert from Minneapolis, Minnesota


Went to hear Lauren and a rock concert broke out. The band was way too loud with a bass line that you could feel pounding in your chest. Thankfully I wore decibel reducing ear buds or I would have left after 30 minutes. Terribly disappointing evening that I had greatly looked forward to.

2.0 star rating Still adore her! from Baltimore, Maryland


I would love an explanation for the delay. My sense was something was off. I sensed I was seeing her beautiful authentic self. I sense she was trying to hard to entertain and she’s operating out of a place of being depleted rather than abundance. She loves her fan and is trying to give them her all but something was not right.

2.0 star rating Geraldine from Baltimore, Maryland


We love Lauren's CD's. But the concert was a huge disappointment. The music was SO loud you could not hear her beautiful voice. The decibel level was loud that your hearing was at risk. It actually hurt. We had really good seats. We tried moving to the back of the theater -- was still way too loud. You could actually feel the drums vibrating in your body. Truly a dangerous situation. We left after about 30 minutes. Also, the infomercial too raise money for poor countries was way over the top and took up way too much time before the concert even started. We believe in helping those who are less fortunate, but this was way too much. The moderator was a real huckster.

2.0 star rating Cynthia from Los Angeles, California


We were so excited to go see you we love your voice. We love your lyrics however, we took the day off. I left my business early to rush to go see you to pay a high price for parking and rush to our seats only to be waiting for you to start the concert for a very long time before that you had someone from your organization to guilt people to give monthly , for 35 mints then again wait . Don’t believe that was a timer place for that and also that was time taken away from performing, or hearing you which we paid to do it didn’t have to be part of the act. It made as though people were frustrated by the time you came out & still made it part of the act yet again . Please think about your fans think about our experience what would be our best experience like I said it started really late and by the time it was 1010 people had to go pick up their kids. We spent a lot of money and a lot of effort to come see you we really want to get 100% or at least 90% experience of hearing you seeing, I was so excited. Just think about the fans not your agenda . I’m not trying to sound mean but I came for you ,not guilt . It’s expensive night to get 30% of the act on you . Please , understand average people concerts are costly . Still love your music . Hope you make changes me & my friend were disappointed,

2.0 star rating Sheri from Portland, Oregon


We went to hear Lauren. The music was so loud that we couldn’t hear Lauren. The base was also overpowering. We left before it ended. We loved the opening act.

2.0 star rating Sheri from Portland, Oregon


My sister and I went to see Lauren in Portland. The show started at 7:30 but she didn’t come on until close to 9. 45 minutes spent on getting people to sponsor a child. When she finally came on the music was SO LOUD and the bass was SO overpowering we felt in on our chest. We couldn’t hear Lauren or understand the lyrics. We’ve been waiting 2 years for this concept. We left after 20 minutes of Lauren. So disappointing. My sister saw her before Covid and was so looking forward to seeing her and having a spiritual evening.

2.0 star rating Leann from Tulsa, Oklahoma


This was our second time to see Lauren @ BOK. While Lauren is an incredible vocalist and artist, we were very disappointed with this concert vs. her previous BOK performance. We hoped the loud distorted sound was due to Crowder's sound crew, but unfortunately Lauren's background music (NOISE) was way too loud and seriously compromised our enjoyment of her concert. Also, like others, we thought the wait between Crowder's performance and Lauren's was way too long. I can't imagine any reason for keeping her fans waiting for so long; especially on a week night. Unfortunately we probably won't chance it again.

2.0 star rating Sharon White from San Antonio, TX


Music overpowered her voice. We came to hear her! The venue, Frost Center, was so big that it seemed like the sound system people had to fill it up with the loud band, rather than her voice. I would never go a concert there again.

2.0 star rating Jennifer from Evansville, Indiana


Before we even got to see Lauren, there was a 45 minute “intermission” (infomercial) to try to get attendees to sponsor a child. I love helping children as much as the next person, but this felt deceptive and out of place. Why not just take $5 from each ticket sale and donate it to the cause? Didn’t appreciate this tactic.

2.0 star rating Donna Berndt from Victoria, BC, Canada


Her New Orleans infused intro felt off course. I felt she is striving to be a pop star. I struggled hearing the lyrics. I heard her previous concerts were more worshipful. She was very late in starting her set. Opening act was very enjoyable. I was very disappointed.

2.0 star rating L Speegle from Birmingham, Alabama


I have always liked Daigle and my sister and I decided to see her in Birmingham on June 8, 2024. I would like a refund. I know she is talented and a powerful singer BUT the concert started at 7 - Ellie Holcomb opened for 30 minutes and following that we sat until close to 8:30 watching an infomercial for her Guatemalan children. Children in the states need help and not only that, my tickets were expensive to sit through a plea for money when I already dropped $150+ for a ticket. The music was so loud, I really couldn’t hear the words. I appreciate her message and respect those who are fans but I just can’t recommend this concert.

1.0 star rating Tara from Newark, New Jersey


PAID FOR FIRST ROW. She kept us waiting almost 2 hours before coming on stage with absolutely no acknowledgement or apology. Her opener was terrible and depressing. The vibe in this room was complete opposite of typical Christian concerts. We're normally on a natural high from worshipping our Lord, singing along & coming together to Praise Jesus! We were SMUSHED together like sardines in this venue w/multiple trip hazards along the way (and ive been here before and had great experiences) Lauren's concert was definitely not one of them. Her old songs were great when her band didn't chime in, when they did they drowned her voice. Like I said, I've been to this venue before and had great experience which is why I chose this one to give my mom an amazing night. Lauren finally appeared after hour long "push for child fund." Massive letdown.we wound up leaving by 10:30 as her live performance paled in comparison to recorded music. Not to mention her cameramen CONSTANTLY blocking our view!

1.0 star rating Sue from Kansas City, Missouri


Such a waste of my time and money. Went down hill after opening act. It’s one thing to ask to sponsor a child but to sit there for 45 minutes trying to get people to sponsor a child was crazy. When Lauren finally came on the bass was so loud, you couldn’t understand any words she was singing. Then after a few songs she goes back into the info commercial with needing sponsors. Walked out at that point. I came to hear her sing. Felt like I was at a Jerry Lewis marathon.

1.0 star rating Leslie Metcalf from Sacramento, California


My two sisters and I got tickets for our birthdays. We expected a night of worship, uplifting and God-glorifying, but it was off. Lauren Daigle didn’t come on stage for several hours. We sat upstairs and could barely make out any lyrics when the band played. The bass was that loud. Very little was said about the Lord, just that He makes you free but she never told anyone how. She’s adorable and has a beautiful voice. I hope she goes back to making the kind of beautiful music she used to.

1.0 star rating Steve and Sara from Asheville NC


Girlfriend bought tickets for my birthday. What an amazing let down. Left after 20 minutes of terrible band and nothing but obnoxious noise. Her voice was drowned out. Never again will we go see her. Needs to take lessons from Zach Williams on how to preform a Christian show.

1.0 star rating JM from Texas


We traveled to go see her concert a few months ago. We got there just before the “start” time. I guess Lauren forgot she was doing a concert because seriously half the time we were there she was doing a commercial/sales pitch for the children’s fund that she supports. They were so focused on setting a new goal of how many people from the audience would become new supporters it seemed like they forgot it was a concert. We were there well over 2 hours, and she only sang for about an hour. So, we paid a lot of money for close seats to watch a commercial , then listen to her sing a few of her songs. Lauren should be ashamed to call that a concert and not what it really was, a sales pitch. I am sure she got a kickback for getting all the new supporters of that “charity” she was advertising, which would explain why she focused on it so much. It was a waste of money and time. Trust me, just listen to her songs on your favorite streaming service, she is not worth going to.


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