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Jeff Lynne's Electric Light Orchestra Reviews

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Average customer review: 5.0 star rating (4.8 Stars)

Number of reviews: 39



5.0 star rating John Davidson from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Jeff Lynne is a musical Genius. The concert in Philly was the best of my life. Outstanding sound, vocals and visual effects make this show so much better than any other. You have to see this tour if you can.

5.0 star rating Teri from Fort Lauderdale, Florida


CAUTION: This is NOT your typical 'old-guys rocker' performance. Nothing could have prepared us for the spectacular experience of Jeff Lynne's ELO concert . We were blown away by the energy and number of performers delivery quality of the lighting, effects, sound, staging that rendered perfect justice to ELO's rock-symphony sound. A surprise performance of the 'Travelling Wilburys' they performed with George Harrison's son Dhani was such an unexpected delight and icing on the cake. If we left every concert performance as satisfied and inspired as we did at Tuesday night, we'd see more concerts. As a side note, the BBT experience of parking, entering and snacking before showtime was smooth and uneventful. The tater tots with multiple toppings really put us in a great mood :0. Fingers crossed we'll have a chance to do this again in South Florida - please come back Jeff Lynne!

5.0 star rating Lou Dorsey from Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Perfect vocals, sound and visuals. Jeff Lynne is the best ever!

5.0 star rating Phil H. from Nashville, Tennessee


Studio quality music. Not like some jerks who alter their style live or ask the crowd to sing (not what I paid to hear). Been following ELO since I was 10 in 1977 and would sneak into my old brothers George & John’s room to play A New World Record in silent bliss with the head phones blaring😀 Never thought I’d ever get to see them live and it was more AWESOME than I even imagined it would be. Telephone Line brought me to tears. Thanks Jeff for giving a lifelong fan the thrill of a lifetime!!

5.0 star rating Louis Belanger from Nashville, Tennessee


Best sound, best musicians, best vocals and The best ever Jeff Lynne Total Perfection...Amazing!!!

5.0 star rating Sean from Vancouver, BC


What an incredible 51st birthday gift from my wife. With two tickets we agreed that I would take our 16 year old, a burgeoning artist himself. This was his first 'big' concert and wasn't as familiar with ELO as myself. All I can say he was gobsmacked by this show, as was I. Tremendous sound, visuals, lights, energy, just overall an amazing showcase of talent. My son left feeling so motivated. He was astounded how good Jeff Lynne sounded after all this time. I've been to a lot of concerts in my time, but this one gave me chills and just delivered in every aspect. It's important to me we pass along to the next generation the music and talents we grew up with and I know at least my son is the better for it. He's got the bug now for more concerts. Thank you Jeff Lynne for delivering and deciding to tour again.

5.0 star rating Trevor J from Vancouver, British Columbia


It’s a huge accomplishment to have a rock band of 14 musicians perform With such coordinated excellence, all hitting every note in very fast paced pop pieces without missing a beat. The song writing genius of Lynne was perfectly showcased in one amazing hot after another leaving everyone in the audience knowing without a doubt why rock n roll is king and ELO it’s greatest emissary.

5.0 star rating Spike seattle from Seattle, Washington


Indeed a major difference than seeing them back in the 70s. But very glad I went regardless ofor major traffic commute. The show was flawless. The crowd was very much into it. It could of easily been one of thone shows recorded for a dvd. Several songs audience could be clearly hear singing along. It was a night of one hit after another. It was electricity energy, folks were dancing most standing through the show. The light show and graphics were well timed and effective. It was worth it. If you thinking of going don't miss the opportunity. Elo was a very special concert!

5.0 star rating Odie & Pep from Seattle, WA


I would love to see this spectacular show again. We went to the Tacoma Dome and two days later I want to find another city/venue to go to. It was amazing. Jeff Lynne lives up to his music. AWESOME!

5.0 star rating from Portland, Oregon


Absolutely Amazing experience. Did not want it to end & blessed that we were able to see one of the most iconic musicians of our generation!! We’ll done ELO

5.0 star rating Flavio Caron from Vancouver, British Columbia


Another 50-something who has emotional attachments to the music from youth and some beyond. My 16 year-old son began to listen and APPRECIATE. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 was a nice influence. He was so excited when I got tickets. Jeff Lynne fans don't just love the music. They appreciate the gift. Row 22 on the floor. Father and son. We noticed all the parents and kids. Passing on the love. Every song a major or minor anthem. The joy of the crowd. 100 big shows under my belt and this was as good as it gets. My son and I shared together and that, is what Jeff Lynne and his family gave us. Miigwetch.

5.0 star rating Louis Davis from Vancouver Canada


I have seen many Legendary Bands and over 300 concerts in my Life but Jeff Lynne's ELO is the best concert i have ever seen. Best Sound, Best Musicians, best vocals, best visuals and the Music God Jeff Lynne...What more can you ask for. Go see this show Touring the USA and Canada this Summer of 2019.

5.0 star rating Colin Clayton from Vancouver, British Columbia


The show was awesome from start to finish. Hit after hit had the place shaking as well as Jeff Lynne's beautiful ballad "When I Was A Boy" from tlhe 2015 album Alone in the Universe and "Handle with Care" from the Travelling Wilburys. The acoustics were outstanding and the band played flawlessly. It was a night to remember these songs and just how impressive they are and as there were still a few great ones missing from the concert such as Confusion, Twilight and Rock and Roll is King it would be nice to hope for another tour sometime. I would never miss them if they come this way again.

3.0 star rating P Bierre from San Jose, California


Jeff Lynne is the creator of some of the most musical pop content of the past 50 years. This year's tour band is very tight, and with 3 string players (2 cello, I violin), the "orchestra" in ELO is beautifully rendered. Jeff's vocals were clear and strong, although his statue-like stance perhaps detracts somewhat from the band's energy. I wish I could say something good about the listening environment inside the Shark Tank. Perhaps it was where our seats were located (far back, upper), but there is too much echo in the tank for fine concert listening. The fast-paced micro-rhythms tend to get washed out. Jeff has put together an impressive light show based on very modern photonics and software -- all exquisitely timed to the music. It's a 3D pattern of moving beams and blades that bathes the audience in robolighting. Personally, I didn't go to see a fantasmagoric light show, I went for the music. And from where I was sitting, not only were the lighting visuals out of sync with the sounds I was receiving, the stage visuals (drumsticks) were also noticeably out of sync. There is a well-known solution, and that is to place speakers close to all concertgoers, so that the audio speed-of-sound delay is overcome, and everything stays in sync no matter where you're sitting. And having paid over $100 per seat for our tickets, I felt somewhat let down at the lack of attention to show quality as viewed and heard from these seats. The large screens are just too small for the size of this venue. I'm straining to see how SAP Center, designed as a hockey emporium, will ever function as a primo concert venue. The oval-bowl shape and too-live acoustics are never going to adapt to a quality concert-venue, and the more uptempo the music, the worse things get. Why doesn't a tech-mecca like San Jose have a large, indoor music-performance venue?

5.0 star rating Tammy Tiziano from Cave Creek AZ


Best show I’ve seen since Pink Floyd’s The Wall!! LOVED IT

4.0 star rating Becky from Bishop, California


Good show--not great because it pretty much was the same set list from last year's Forum concert. Thought they'd mix in a few other songs (like Strange Magic) & drop a few (like Xanadu). But their musicianship, led by Lynne, was great. Crowd sang along. Loved the light show. Sound was pretty good at the Honda Center. Drove 280 mi for this show & it was worth it.

5.0 star rating Ken from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


A great show!!!! One of the best concerts I have ever seen. Jeff Lynn was right on and the band was super. You could close your eyes and believe you were listening to the album. The only hit song they did not play was Hold on Tight (to your dreams) but that was of little disappointment. My only complaint had nothing to do with the show but rather with the concert goers. Why can't people remain seated? If two people stand then the people behind them have to stand and so on. Nearly everyone at the show I attended was 50 and over and some people can't stand for an entire concert. The other problem is people who must constantly be on their phone by either Tweeting or texting or Twittering. I wish people would be a little more considerate and understand that they are just not that important.

5.0 star rating Mr Blue Sky from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


I saw the special from Wembly on showtime and watched it 3-4 more times. Fast forward to a few weeks ago and I find out they are playing in Philly , and it's sold out. Having missed the 76 show I wasn't going to miss this one. I scored a single ticket (first time ever going solo to a concert ) and greatly anticipated the show. didn't dissapoint and the experience was unforgettable....everyone sang along without worrying about was Jeff Lynnes ELO afterall . Best decision I made in awhile and might not be my last solo show if tickets are scarce. ELO ROCKS !!! always did, ALWAYS WILL! !! *seats were adequate , sound was awesome and food and beverage were top notch.

5.0 star rating Tracy T from Columbus, Ohio


Fantastic show! More firepower than the 1981 Time Tour show at Riverfront Coloseum in Cincinnati. This legendary group and music will always reign as my favorite. Great ability to bring studio sound to the stage. This memory made possible by my children as a Christmas gift will remain forever. So worth the drive from Columbus to Philly! I enjoyed the city too. Very friendly and so much to see.

5.0 star rating Will Bernard from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Best show i have seen in my life!

5.0 star rating Louis Davis from New York, New York


Jeff Lynne's ELO Concerts are the very best i have seen in my life (saw overt 200 concerts). On this 2018 Tour i saw him in Toronto and New York. Lynne is a perfectionist you can tell. The great Jeff Lynne is still with US and he will now tour Europe in September and October 2018... Let's enjoy his greatness while he is still alive....Jeff Lynne is the most talented Music God ever. He will be 71 in 2018 and his voice is Gold. All his live concerts sound as good if not better than the original recordings...Not many bands and musicians can match that. Just have a listen from Jeff Lynne's ELO at Wembley Stadium June 24 2017 on CDS and DVD...

5.0 star rating Kim Pascarella from New York, New York


ELO has always been one of my favorite sounds and Lynn has not lost a step. i went to MSG for their 2d show and was not let down. Great sound and visuals.(even the opening band Dawes was great) he has put together a very talented group of young musicians to back him up. my wife and i have been on a concert binge this summer but its always hard to satisfy us both since she is 25 years younger than i(she was not born the last time they toured the US) But even she was really into the sound and show. if you have the chance go, you will not be disappointed. Philly friday night, tickets still avail. I would go a 2d time but since we have 3 yo twins hard to get someone to watch them 2x this week. Best concert of the summer for me. 2d best for her, Smashing Pumpkins is one of her all time favorites, Sorry ELO-- but you are still my favorite

5.0 star rating Mark Cusumano from New York, New York


Last night a real legend added to his legacy. The show was what a real rock concert should be. Saw them twice in the 70’s and at Radio City in 2016. It was true treat and of the hundreds of concerts I have seen by so many bands and alleged Icons Jeff and ELO are one of the few that are truly Icons. When virtually the whole sold out arena can sing along with just about every song you know you can’t have more enjoyment at a rock show. No fake fame here he is truly a genius and we feel so lucky to have been able to be part of his return to NYC.

5.0 star rating Barbara from New York, New York


It was a truly magical had been 40 years to the day that they had played MSG...every song you wanted to hear! The two backup singers were terrific and the strings were’t walk to see ELO! Loved my seats in section 212 row 4..perfect view..

5.0 star rating Don from Los Angeles, CA


When I was 18, I saw ELO in Philadelphia (1981). That show was amazing but nothing compared to this second LA show. They didn't miss a single note. It should tell you something about Jeff Lynne that he's comfortable enough to surround himself with amazing musical talent and then showcase that talent (consider how many solos). To do what Jeff Lynne does, especially for someone so clearly uncomfortable with being the center of attention, speaks volumes about the man. I don't impress easily, but it's hard not to watch this band perform and remember you aren't reliving one of the coolest moments of your younger years. Thank you for your music, Jeff.

2.0 star rating Maureena Cloutier from Strathroy, Ontario


This was the first concert my husband and I every attended. We were more than annoyed with all the Neanderthals standing up in front of us, blocking our view, and on top of that, they had to have their cameras stretched over their heads, causing a further obstruction. It is rude and extremely inconsiderate. We all paid good money ($740 for two tickets). Thanks. We won't be going again. But Jeff Lynne...we think you are awesome and a musical genius.

5.0 star rating PW from Toronto, Ontario


I read through the previous posts before writing mine and all I can say is that they are all spot on! I was with my 20-something kids as well and while my memories of when I first heard these songs quickly came to mind (and also brought a few tears), their love for the music is more recent (again thanks to Classic radio and Spotify) and Jeff Lynne and ELO will remain a rock legacy through them and their children. His music was and is the classic music of our generation, so Roll over Beethoven was an apt closing number. If you have tickets to future concerts you should be in for a treat. Enjoy the 90 minute ride and soak in the memories. To assist with this site's mandate, we would recommend Aroma, Indian Experience on King St. west and the Courtyard by Marriott at College and Yonge as a reasonably-priced and decent hotel to stay at.

4.0 star rating Cory Willoughby from Toronto, Ontario


Hard to review this without bias. My husband and I were lucky enough to catch their Wembley Stadium show last June and it was incredible! This one of course did not match it, but I was expecting this. Luckily we had awesome seats. Friends had an obscured side view and thought the show was awful. We were super disappointed that they did not perform Last Train To London. It seemed Mr. Lynne was struggling with some singing and the show started 45 minutes late and was short. For a $415 ticket that was disappointing but we still had a great time, my kids loved it. I will always adore the band.

5.0 star rating Andrea, Jim and Adam Mageean from Barrie, Ontario


It was awesome! The 70's revisited at the Scotia Bank Arena in Toronto. One of the best concerts we have ever seen. Jeff Lynne's performance was wonderful and his band amazing. The sound system was outstanding and each song brought renewed cheers from the appreciative audience. We loved it. Definitely recommended for families.

5.0 star rating William Hodge from London Ontario


What other band (ever) can play one hit dominated by electric guitar (Do Ya), followed by a keyboard dominated song (can't get it out of my head) followed by a violin dominated piece (livin thing) followed by a cello dominated song (turn to stone) and ends with everything blasting away (Roll over beethoven). The answer is there is no other band like them. I was in Detroit last night and headed to Toronto Saturday. At 70 years old this will probably be our last chance to see Jeff lynne.

5.0 star rating David Carter from Chicago, Illinois


Saw him 41 years ago, still fantastic!

5.0 star rating Carey from Palatine,Illinois


Saw ELO last night at the Allstate Arena. What a great light and sound show!I saw them at the Stadium in 1981 and It was not less then PERFECT.,except for the long wait between the two concerts.We had great seats and rocked out.Thanks!

5.0 star rating Mike in Big D from Dallas, Texas


Always wish more original members would have been with Jeff but even so Sold Out show @ AAC was amazing -fantistic songs , Incredible sound -I can now pass on from this world fulfilling a dream of seeing Jeff performing this historical life changing music !

5.0 star rating Patrick Thomas from Dallas, Texas


I took my 20 years old son, and thanks to some of the local classic rock stations in Dallas he knew almost every song. We sat to the left of the stage, so I didn't pay $4K for tickets on the front few rows and the seats were fantastic, especially at only $69. The crowd was so into it all I can say is after 40 years of shows, I'm so happy I made the decision to go. I had never gone, and why I don't know. Fantastic light show, sound was top notch and Jeff's voice was so strong for a man his age. I only wish i had the opportunity to see another. the supporting cast was really on top of their game and all I can say to finish up is: if you have a chance, GO!! No need to spend $200-#300, much less 4K, and the resale tics were going for upwards of $7K.

5.0 star rating Jeff Preston from Dallas, Texas


Like so many, I missed them as a teenager. They've always been one of my favorite bands. The sound, stage, light show, and musicians/singers were top notch! I recall having a tear in my eye because I was so happy! It was honestly magical! Thanks so much for making this dream come true!

5.0 star rating Steve Naus from Centennial Colorado


ELO was probably the best show I have seen in a long time. Jeff and company (near members) were perfect. Light show was beyond anything I had ever seen. Opening band Dawes was very good and coming month to the Paramount. A great evening. Never forget it.

5.0 star rating ELO fan from Los Angeles, California


Wanted to see Jeff Lynne & ELO since I was a teen! This was so worth the wait!! Outstanding concert - wonderful crowd too! A quick shout out to the opening band Dawes as well!! This is a must see show!

5.0 star rating Linda Foster from Los Angeles, California


Absolutlely fantastic show. The seats and sound system at the Forum were perfect. I would take my whole family to see the show.,it was totally mesmerizing. May be a little late for small children but everyone would love it. Jeff Lynne at his best. Doesn't let you down.!!

5.0 star rating LS from Los Angeles, California


At age 16, I went to see The Electric Light Orchestra. Now, over 40 years later, I took Hunter to see them last night. This is an example of how practice makes perfect. Jeff Lynne and his fellow musicians absolutely killed it! His voice is as good at 70 as it was at 30. An amazing achievement for a man of his age. They have another show tonight at The Forum. If ya'all have nothing to do this evening, check 'em out.


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